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Commissions Info (CLOSED)

Interested in a commission, or just have a question regarding them? Look no further. This little widget contains the only thing you need to find answers to all your burning questions! What is is this sorcery that can provide you with such knowledge? A link! But not just any link! No, no. It is THE link and contains a database of anything your mind can imagine...about my commissions.

No, seriously though. Here's a link to my Paypal commission journal if you're interested. Feel free to check it out.

For Point commissions, please check out the widget below for your options and pricing. Upon completion I will submit a watermarked version and send you a note with a link to your clean version.


Mug Shot (Black and White)
Super Origin (1/3) by The-Devils-Corpse
A digital black and white mug shot. (Single Character)
Mug Shot (Color)
How LEGENDS are born by The-Devils-Corpse
A digital, flat colored mug shot. (Single Character)
Bust Shot (Back and White)
A digital, black and white bust shot. (Single Character)
Bust Shot (Color)
Battle of Gods - Super Saiyan God Goku by The-Devils-Corpse
A digital, flat colored bust shot. (Single Character)
Body Shot (Black and White)
A digital, black and white body shot. (Single Character)
Body Shot (Color)
Commish: Videl by The-Devils-Corpse
A digital, flat colored body shot. (Single Character)
Body Shot (Extra Form/Character)
This is an extra character or form option to be used in conjunction with the other Body Shot commissions.

Dragon Ball Redux FAQ


What is Dragon Ball Redux?
It is a fan attempt to tighten the canon of the existing Dragon Ball franchise as well as taking some liberties to allow new plot twists. The goal is to attempt a heavy rewrite of the hit series to include all the fan favorite characters from the original manga, anime, movies, specials, games, spin offs and crossovers within new adaptations of the arcs you know and love, as well as a few new ones, though without all the plot holes created by Toriyama not planning in advance.

Why is the project on hiatus?
Back when I started this project in 2010, the only new material the Dragon Ball franchise has really seen was the JSAT special in 2008 and the recent release of Dragon Ball Online. Neither of which really affected any of my plans since they both fit in to their own gaps with very little contradiction. As the project grew though and I started developing my own arcs for movie villains, forgotten game characters, etc, the onslaught of new material over the years with Heroes, Episode of Bardock, Battle of Gods and Resurrection F have forced to to constantly readapt my series. The announcement of Dragon Ball Super just pushed things over the edge though. I can't keep adapting things week to week with a new series. So, the project is being shelved for the time being.

Can I draw fan art of Dragon Ball Redux?
Of course! I'm always excited to see fanart. I just ask that you let me know that you are planning to draw some, and then demand that you let em see it afterward. lol

Can I use your Dragon Ball Redux work for other projects?
Sorry, but absolutely not, especially without permission. The project is barely off the ground and I've had more theft incidents than I care to discuss. There may be some special cases, but they will be few and far between, I can promise you that.


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I think you want to see this:…
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How much are your commissions?
The-Devils-Corpse Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry. Prices can be viewed from links on my profile page, but commissions are currently closed.
MajinSaiyaKoopa Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh ok. I afraid I can't commission you because I don't actually pay with money. I only pay with points..
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He accepts points just not accepting anymore commissions.
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